MV Panels


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  • Compliance with IEC 6227-100, 6227-102 and 6227-200
  • Metal, clad, fully compartmentalized
  • Horizontal isolation, horizontal draw-out & floor mounted VCB
  • Earthing switch with fully making capacity
  • Interlocks for safety
  • Readily extensible on both side
  • Cubicles are designed to meet temperature rise limits as per standard
  • Fully type tested at renowned laboratories
  • Partition class is PM
  • Mechanical endurance class is M2 (10,000 mechanical operations)
  • Electrical endurance class is E2
  • Loss of continuity category is LSC2B
  • Indoor type panel with ingress protection rating IP-4X


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  • Movement of VCB trolley is interlocked with panel door
  • Safety shutters to prevent accidental contact with live parts
  • Pad lockable door to ensure operator safety
  • All operations are behind close door
  • VCB can not be engaged when earthing switch is closed

User Friendly

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  • Compact, light weight& hence easy to maneuver
  • Generous space for cable termination
  • Shutters with individual padlocking facility are available. For maintenance, it is possible to keep the shutters in open position
  • Trolley mounted VCB


  • Inbuilt anti-pumping feature
  • Withdrawal type, top mounted PT is independent of VCB position (For 12kV, 26.3kA)
  • Natural air cooled till 3150A
  • Internal arc classification AFLR upto 40kA for 1 second
  • Compact yet safe